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The area of trapezoid is h( b1+b2)/5,where h is the altitude, and b1 and b2 are the lenghts of the parallel bases. If trapezoid has an altitude of 5 inches, an area of 55 square inches , and one base 12 inches long, what is the length, in inches, of its. math. Find the surface area of the cylinder to the nearest whole number. An easy to use, free perimeter calculator you can use to calculate the perimeter of shapes like square, rectangle, triangle, circle, parallelogram, trapezoid , ellipse, octagon, and sector of a circle. Formulas, explanations, and graphs for each calculation. Perimeter of a triangle calculation using all different rules: SSS, ASA, SAS, SSA, etc.

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An easy to use online calculator to solve trapezoid problems. The angles, the height h, the area and the diagonals of a trapezoid are calculated given its 4 sides. Formulas of angles, height and area have been found in Solve Trapezoid Given its Bases and Legs . Enter the 4 sides a, b, c and d of the trapezoid in the order as positive real. The isosceles trapezoid has both legs of equal length. AB = CD Both diagonals are equal. AC = BD Lower base angles are equal. ∠ A = ∠ D Upper base angles are equal. ∠ B = ∠ C Angles attached to the same leg are supplementary. ∠ A + ∠ B = 180° ∠ C + ∠ D = 180° Opposite angles are supplementary. ∠ A + ∠ C = 180° ∠ B + ∠ D = 180°.

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